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Reflexology works to balance the body. The body has many energy flows running through it and if these energy flows become blocked as a result of stress, tension, waste build-up, etc. you can become ill. Unblocking these energy pathways will balance the body and enable it to heal itself. A human body can work very well at maintaining health and fighting illness and infections when it is given the chance to work at its best.


Reflexology is a great way of boosting your immune system. Because of this and it's ability to balance the body many people use this complementary therapy as a way of ensuring general wellbeing, having regular treatments every couple of weeks to keep them "topped up".


Reflexology can also induce a deep state of relaxation. With many of today's illnesses stemming from a stressed system, relaxation and working the stress out of our system is vital to leading a healthy life. People often report feeling more alert and mentally stimulated the day after a reflexology session.


As with any massage, reflexology improves circulation throughout the body, increasing the blood supply to organs to enable them to function more effectively. This will also aid detoxification as toxins released during a treatment are carried to the areas needed to expel them from the body.

Positive Health Benefits

Reflexology is a holistic therapy, Reflexologists do not claim to cure illnesses, but work with the whole person to reduce stress, encourage relaxation and release tension. This will encourage increased well-being, better sleep and improved mood. The resulting increased well-being can have a positive affect on your health, enabling the body to be in the best possible state to heal itself in the ways that it needs to.


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Please note

Unfortunately, I am not able to treat anyone suffering from a thrombosis or phlebitis or if you are currently suffering from a fever or an infectious illness please wait for this to pass before attending a treatment. This applies to an infectious or fungal foot infection where treatment can only be offered once it has cleared.

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